What is Skip-Gen Travel?


As the holidays inch closer, grandparents might be thinking of ways to spend time with the grandkids. One of the advantages of retirement living is having the freedom to set your own schedule and enjoy yourself. For many families, that means working intergenerational activities in to your retirement schedule.

If you are wondering how feasible it is to share a vacation getaway with your grandchildren, you aren’t alone. It’s a trend being referred to as skip-gen travel and here’s what you should know.


Planning an Intergenerational Vacation

 As you are thinking through your options and planning your skip-gen vacation, these tips can help:

 1.  Be realistic.

If you haven’t vacationed solo with your grandkids before, it might be best to plan a small holiday trip together. Something not too far from their home, just in case they get lonesome for their mom and dad. This is especially true for younger children. A destination a few hours’ drive away can still be fun!

 2.  Include grandkids in the planning.

While you may need to do some of the initial research before you involve the grandkids, it will add to the excitement if they feel they have a voice in planning. It might be in simple ways like having them choose between two destinations or two different hotels. That gives you more time to bond in the weeks and months leading up to your vacation.

 3.  Be creative in planning destinations.

Families often head to beaches and lakes during their vacations. Instead of following the crowd, consider other options. Depending on the age of your grandchildren, natural history museums, zoos, and parks can all be fun.


While most people think the national parks are summer destinations, many also host winter activities. Senior citizens receive a discount that can make this an even more appealing solution.

 4.  Kid-friendly hotels are a must.

Depending on your plans for the trip, you might find you spend a lot of time at the hotel. Finding one that welcomes families is vital. Also look for one that has activities and conveniences on-site, such as a restaurant, indoor pool, or maybe an indoor water park.


Hotels that are accustomed to accommodating families can save the vacation, especially if the weather is cold or rainy. A US News survey ranked 17 hotels high for their kid-friendly policies and amenities. The list may be helpful as you are planning with your grandchildren.

 5.  Explore the local area online before you leave home.

Skip-gen travel planning is much easier to do thanks to the Internet. You can read reviews for kid-friendly restaurants, transportation services, and unique attractions. If the kids are allowed to spend time online, you can also encourage them to do some research as well.

 6.  Document your skip-gen adventure.

One final tip is to remember to take pictures and save mementos from your adventure. Then you can create a scrapbook together when you return home. It will be a fun reminder that your careful planning for retirement is really paying off!


What to Do During Retirement


We know how hard you worked to create the retirement of your dreams. If you are ready to leave the worries of home maintenance behind, an independent living community might be the ideal solution. You’ll have more time to spend with the grandkids, pursue favorite hobbies, and travel to new destinations.

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Photo by Clément Falize on Unsplash