Why the Holidays Are a Great Time to Tour an Assisted Living Community


If you’re like many families, the holidays are one of the few times of the year when your whole family gets together. If it’s been an entire year since you’ve seen each other, there may be drastic differences in your senior loved one's health and abilities from last year to this year.

This is often very concerning for family members. They realize that their loved ones are aging, and it may be time for them to start looking at senior care options, one of the most common being assisted living communities.

Touring a retirement community may be the last thing you want to do during the holidays, but it may be the best time to start. Here are a few reasons why the holidays are a great time to tour an assisted living community.

Reasons to Tour an Assisted Living Community During the Holidays

1.    There Are Lots of Family Activities

Assisted living homes usually have more family activities during the holidays. This will give you a chance to meet the family members of residents who are already staying there. You can inquire about their experience and get some insight into what the community is like during the rest of the year.

Plus, it will be fun to get to know everyone in a family-like setting.

2.    There Is More Positive Energy During the Holidays

The holiday season is notorious for putting people in a good mood. People tend to be a little more open to new ideas during this festive season.

Your senior loved one may be in a better mood as well. If they were a little hesitant about moving, they may be more open to it due to holiday cheer.

3.    You Will Beat the Holiday Rush

Many family members see their senior loved one for the first time in a while and realize the changes are more drastic than they imagined. They realize their loved one may need assistance.

The holidays are busy for everyone, so they put off the process until after the holidays are over, making January one of the busiest times of year for assisted living communities.

Rather than visiting the community while it’s crowded, beat the holiday rush and tour local communities in December.

4.    You Might Get a Discount

Many families put off their visit until January. Because assisted living homes want to fill their apartments, they are more likely to offer a discount for those who visit in December.

Some examples of discounts offered by assisted living communities include:

  • Discounted monthly rent
  • Application fee waiver
  • Up to a month of free rent

5.    The Whole Family Is Together

One of the best reasons for visiting the community during the holidays is that the whole family is together. There is a lot to know about assisted living, so having family around to help can lessen the burden.

Schedule a Holiday Tour Today

There’s no perfect time to start touring assisted living for seniors. If the topic comes up during the holidays, it’s the perfect time to start looking at your options.

Contact us today to learn more about the communities available to you. Our guidance is always free for seniors and their families. Call 888-514-6461 to get started!


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