5 Tips To Get Fit On A Budget This Fall


Looking and feeling good doesn’t have to cost a fortune. We picked, online health and fitness coach, Megan Ewoldsen’s brain on her top tips to get in shape on a budget this fall.

1. Personal trainers are costly, as are, gym memberships. Instead, try an at home fitness program like Beach Body.

2. Save money on your fresh fruits and veggies by purchasing them at your local farmers market.

3. Instead of purchasing weights use items around your home recreate the experience. Cans of soup or bleach bottles make excellent substitutions.

4. Replace your daily java or fast food run with a meal replacement shake. The shakes will run you approx. $4 a day!

5. Start a “fit club” with your friends! Share/Trade fitness videos and equipment.

Want more ideas on how to get healthy this fall? Check out Megan’s website or follow her on social media!

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