A Green Beret Looking Out For His Green Beret Brothers


Master Sgt. Scott Neil is a “special operator” in more ways than one. He is a Green Beret who has been there, done that, come home, healed, and committed himself to being there for his Green Beret/Special Operations brothers. He is the director of the Green Beret Foundation.

Neil spent 25 years in the Green Beret. He was among the first Special Operators to go into Afghanistan right after 9/11. He and his fellow Special Operators were very successful in routing the Taliban and moving Al Qaida out of Afghanistan.

They then prepared for operations in Iraq and when his teams were done there, they trained and prepared for yet another deployment into Africa against Al-Qaida and other terror groups there.

Source: YouTube/GreenBeretFoundation
Master Sgt. Scott Neil.

He has seen it all and knows first hand what the struggles are when one comes home from war. He is also very aware of the fact that the younger Special Operators are doing multiple deployments into very dangerous war zones and spending lots more time away from their families and that the normal stresses of war fighting are often multiplied as a result.

Source: YouTube/GreenBeretFoundation
Master Sgt. Scott Neil still supports his Green Beret brothers and.

His Green Beret Foundation was set up to help those younger combat veterans come back home and to settle back into the different realities and stresses that go with being good husbands and fathers and colleagues at work.

Neil’s Green Beret Foundation has reached out to corporate CEOs to get to know the Green Beret community, who they are, what their strengths are and what values they can bring to their communities and to their jobs.

Source: YouTube/GreenBeretFoundation
Neil serves as a mentor in the Green Beret Foundation.

The Green Beret Foundation mentors those younger Special Operations veterans in the ways and skills that will help them reintegrate into their homes, their families and the civilian world again.

The Veterans Site honors the Special Operations communities, the Green Beret, MARSOC, Seals, and AFSOC. They have been called upon more than ever in the last two decades to serve and to protect us all. We owe them all our thanks and our support when they come home and reenter the civilian world. We thank MSgt. Scott Neil for all that he is doing to support and care for his Green Beret brothers. Hooah!

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